My Projects


  • RnQ SpellChecker

    Best spellchecker plugin for &RQ based clients (RnQ). Based on Hunspell library. There are 2 versions: old one MASM32 version and VC compiled version 1 dll file.

Debugging / Protections

  • Easy Math Quest (EMQ)

    The main problem is that it cannot be bruted. There are 3 passwords in edit boxes. Your target is to reverse 3 passwords without patching anything! Of course, you can brute, if it helps. Hint: System of equations.Solution by ratsoul here.
  • Mini-Crypto Math SerialMe

    Interesting math keygenme. Written in pure asm (MASM32). Level: Getting harder. Hint: You should learn some math to solve that. Solution by aluigi here.
  • Keygen Me Crypt

    This is my favorite protection scheme tester. It has BlowFish crypt, Base64 and etc. Time protection, key works only 1 day. So its not so easy to reverse the protection algo. Brute won't help you. Solution by aluigi here.

Etc. / Utils

AVR / ARM programming


Debugging / Protections

AVR / ARM programming

  • uIP TCP/IP stack multiple app

    Simple tutorial how to make uIP works as multi app stack. Because it has only support of one single threaded module.
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